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Birth through Sixth Grade

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At Hills Kids, we believe every kid who enters our doors will feel loved, known, and heard! We are all about sharing God’s love with children and their families. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, loving, and nurturing environment, so parents can attend worship services knowing their children are well taken care of. We want parents to feel confident their child will be ministered to while in our care. Our adult volunteers love kids and are excited about influencing the next generation of Christ followers!

We understand it can be difficult to leave your children in a new place, and we want to help you through this process. We strive to create a safe, nurturing environment for your children, from birth through sixth grade, where they can have fun learning biblical truths.


Sunday Services - Birth through 6th Grade


9:00am and 10:45am NORTH CAMPUS & OLD TOWN CAMPUS

Sunday Services - Birth through 6th Grade



FAMILY NIGHT - 1st through 6th Grade



Nursery & 2's
Nursery & 2's

0-23 Months

Babies are never too young to have the Word of God spoken over them! God’s Word accomplishes all it is sent to do and will not return void allowing us to teach babies to love the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength as they sit, walk, lie down and get up (Deuteronomy 6). Through that love, we pray that babies will come to know and rely upon God throughout their lives.

2 Years Old

We continue to speak God’s truths over these precious children knowing it doesn’t return void. This fun age allows us the opportunity to share Jesus through songs, crafts and Bible stories.


3 Years Old to Kindergarten

We create an environment for preschoolers to learn God’s Word in a fun, exciting and age-appropriate way. Our desire is for kids to learn they have a heavenly Father who loves them and has great plans for their lives. In the preschool years, a child will form their first impression of God’s love. Each weekend, we incorporate fun crafts, worship, video elements, live teaching, and small groups. These elements are all used to reinforce the core truths about God in a fun and familiar way and our hope is that they will develop a deeper faith through this. It’s our prayer that your child will leave with: a happy memory of coming to God’s house, His Word hidden in their hearts and having encountered the God who loves them. They hear 3 truths each time they enter Hills Kids; God made them, God loves them and God wants to be their friend forever.

Lower Elementary
Lower Elementary

1st to 3rd Grade

These age groups have a day crafted just for them! We are intentional about providing opportunities for the kids to learn about the Gospel in an exciting, fun-filled, creative and safe environment. Each weekend, we incorporate skits, worship, video elements, live teaching and in depth small group time to help these kids hide God’s Word in their hearts. We want our kids to grow up building strong relationships, making wiser choices and developing a deeper faith. In these years we pray that every child will grow in their wisdom, faith and friendship and would know how loved and cherished they are.

Upper Elementary
Upper Elementary

4th to 6th Grade

This is the age where they start to truly discover who God is, their identity based on God’s image and the faith and truth according to God’s message. We create a fun-filled environment for kids to explore, ask questions and grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and His followers. We specialize in small groups so that every preteen feels heard and deeply known by their leaders and peers. We pray that every child would be transformed by God’s spirit, be connected to His word and will have the confidence and urgency to go out and make new disciples through serving His kingdom and forming friendships and relationships.


The Hills Tandem Ministry exists for the purpose of empowering people of all abilities to fully participate in the church community. We seek unity in Christ’s church by promoting full inclusion and offering families of students with special needs complete access to all church activities.

This ministry functions in the form of a Buddy System. Buddies are trained in how to work with students of various disabilities, and are paired with students in order to help them fully participate in services. Our buddy system also provides parents the opportunity and freedom to fully participate in and enjoy our main adult service.

For more information, or to volunteer to be a buddy, please contact

Safety & Check-In

Safety is a big priority at Clovis Hills. All volunteers are fingerprinted and live-scanned and trained to work with the kids in their assigned age group.

Our Computerized Check-In process for all children allows us to make sure that each child is picked-up safely and leaves with the right person. We ask that cell phone numbers are made available in case a parent needs to be contacted during a service.

Emergency and evacuation procedures are posted and leaders are aware of their responsibilities and directions.
We maintain a “healthy child” policy for all classes, asking parents to keep sick children at home to prevent spreading illness.

If you have questions or concerns that you don’t find answered here, email or call the office, 559-297-2600.


In Hills kids we have dedicated volunteers who love teaching God’s word, pointing them to Jesus and being a light in their lives. They care for our kids and form relationships through discipleship and fun. Our volunteers are trained and equipped to serve and care for our kids. We would love for you to join our team and invest in many young lives!
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