Thursdays / 9:30-11:30 a.m. / Room 202 / Just show up! 

Bring a cup of coffee & your little one(s) and join us!

For upcoming events, check us out on Facebook: Thursday Happenings Mom’s/Grandma’s Group

Thursday Happenings is a Fun group of mom's and grandma's that meet every Thursday at Clovis Hills Community Church from 930-1130 a.m. in Room 201/202 (Located right behind the playground). Clovis Hills Nursery has cribs, strollers, rockers and toys for moms or grandmas that have infants to toddlers ages 0-5. It is a fun and safe environment for moms/grandmas to meet other moms/grandmas and have their kids play. A nice room to play in specially in the winter months that are upon us.